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Which way?

17 Mar

Sitting at the corner of the bed
A solitary tear trickles down her rosy face;
Eyes close: Blankness sets in as she wonders…
why did she take the chance again?

Was it meant only till here?
The faith and trust that she put in,
Was she so blind? Was she so daft?
To believe every little word.

A gush of wind, few rocks on the path,
Fetters of selfishness,
Every word forgotten and
every little promise left behind.

Moonlight peeps into oblivious eyes,
Dreams shattered – Broken beyond repair…
What is hope and belief?
Will she ever live again?

Scared, agitated, wounded …
Blankness returns; asks which way?
Sitting at the corner of the bed, she waits;
A solitary tear trickles down her rosy face again.



27 Jan

On a huge cloud, the colour of pink;
I heard it was the contest of juggling.
To make merry and show their skill
Stood a big funny gathering.

Amused, I gazed at one
wearing red boots and a head ring.
Weird cotton balls of all shapes
purple ovals, red circles, yellow squares
and green triangles – he juggled with ease

Soon the crowd turned towards her
One leg on the puff of cloud, one hand in the air
Round orange glasses and curly hair
Pinched myself to believe
As cans and bottles went from hand to foot
and foot to hand ceaselessly

Another wonder followed:
Young little angels in white
Danced around with rainbow hoopla
Eyes full of glee – Oh so bright.
They showed no signs of their burnt wings
and inability to fly.

Sights there were many –
Bubbles of fire, water, earth, wind and air
Balanced the green stout dwarf;
Pens, Pencils, Crayons and sketches
Can never forget,
How the twins were gliding and catching.

As I tried looking further,
The yellow glow grew.
Snapped out of the reverie
Eyes rubbing and blinking
Smiling in trance I sat still,
Realized even life I can juggle and balance at my will.

Simply Stupid

20 Jan

Dance in the park,
Hop with the unknown kids,
A simple game of ring-around-a-rosy;
Or build your own land of fantasy.
Try being simply stupid.

Put on the yellow hat
with the pajamas and purple tee;
Who said you have to match it?
Ripples in the placid…
How fun it is- just try being simply stupid.

Amidst the wooden panels and sophistication
Spread your hands,
Glide across the bay to the board room;
Oh, for once shun the overt elegance, the formal cocoon;
Try being simply stupid.

Stop the car-give him a lift
An interesting chat on the way;
You may become friends forever..
I know, full of caution you used to be,
Listen to your heart and try being simply stupid.

Dark today could mean light tomorrow,
Question what is;
Armed with belief, stretch your faith
Who cares what would they say
Plate full of delicious opportunities and different tastes,
If you just try being simply stupid.


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