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Imprints in Time

5 Jun

We have come a long way …
from those foolhardy days,
When naive and eloquent:
every thought we would question;
And oh! so bold –
every next chance our heart would leap to take;

Sure, we have come a long way
Yet, my heart visits those imprints in time
Just to feel alive,
Reminiscing the paths where real glory lay.

P.S: The categorization in both “Poems” and “Short Stories” is intentional. I believe the romantics at heart would know why!



17 Jul

You look and all you can feel is love,
No space for jealousy, ego and some stupid tussle –
That is when you know
Calm has set in.

No need to speak,
From a distance you see and the heart is content;
That is when you know
Calm has set in.

Memories and moments
bring only smiles and laughter;
Wait without fear – that is when you know
Calm has set in

Happiness is all you feel:
Belief fluttering deep within;
All is well – and you know
Calm has set in.


Innocence, revisited.

30 May

Who stopped you?
Go, dance in the rain;
Play in the mud;
Give that innocent smile-
the naughty spark in the eyes,
Giggling through the daily tremors,
Pouncing for handful of toffees,
Feel the joy of belonging –
Everything in the world is yours!
Let out your hand
for that yet unknown friend,
Open your heart,
Bother about none,
Come, join me-
Be a child again.

P.S: Largely inspired by a blog I read (cannot find that link!)

The Happiness Anchor.

8 May

Every once in a while,
Alone or in a crowd:
I pause and question
Both my being and doing;
For deep in my heart I know
Simple happiness is all I seek.

Once in a while, all of us question “Happiness” in our lives – especially the times when we successfully achieve what we have longed and toiled for, but we still do not feel what we had hoped to feel.

I certainly believe happiness lies in what state we put our minds in – it is our choice to be happy or not to be. Happiness is the love that surrounds us and lies within us – the love that we are capable of giving to everyone and accepting. At this thought, I am always reminded of the movie – “Message in a bottle”. Among all the heart-touching letters, this one has always captured my heart: Catherine’s last words resonate beautifully with my belief of love and people being the essence of happiness and that most of us fail to see:

“To all the ships at sea, and all the ports of call. To my family, and to all friends and strangers. This is a message and a prayer. The message is that my travels taught me a great truth. I already had what everyone is searching for and few ever find: The one person in the world Who I was born to love forever. A person like me, of the Outer Banks and blue Atlantic mystery. A person rich in simple treasures, self-made, self-taught. A harbor where I am forever home. And no wind or trouble Or even a little death can knock down this house.

The prayer is that everyone in the world can know this kind of love, and be healed by it.

If my prayer is heard, then there will be an erasing of all guilt, and all regret, and an end to all anger.

Please God.


The road to ‘Home’

18 Mar

Oblivious of the destination
My feet walked the daily trodden path
The heart looked around in search
Are we home yet-it asked?

They have a lot to advise,
Experienced they are: they claim
Home is where the heart is?
It is a dream, far-away: they say

I put on the shell – fought the war at every corner
Hardened the soul; Bruised and ran
They said, for survival – it was must
Still I wondered – Is it home yet?

Why care, I thought
Found the most beautiful mask and put it on;
Did not let the heart wander from what they said,
Tamed it every time it fought.

Trudging down that road today,
I looked into the mirror of yesterday.
And then I saw those gleaming eyes,
Innocent, hopeful and deep – I couldn’t stop staring.

I peeped into myself,
And could not find thee…
Longed for the heart that believed;
Happy was all I wanted to be.

Helter-skelter, this way and that
Lost and wounded, my heart and me – we searched
Took us a while,
Love, trust, faith, belief – finally we recognized.

Feelings of happiness engulf me,
Joy in ever moment of life I seek.
Am home finally –
It is a bliss – which will never leave.


27 Jan

On a huge cloud, the colour of pink;
I heard it was the contest of juggling.
To make merry and show their skill
Stood a big funny gathering.

Amused, I gazed at one
wearing red boots and a head ring.
Weird cotton balls of all shapes
purple ovals, red circles, yellow squares
and green triangles – he juggled with ease

Soon the crowd turned towards her
One leg on the puff of cloud, one hand in the air
Round orange glasses and curly hair
Pinched myself to believe
As cans and bottles went from hand to foot
and foot to hand ceaselessly

Another wonder followed:
Young little angels in white
Danced around with rainbow hoopla
Eyes full of glee – Oh so bright.
They showed no signs of their burnt wings
and inability to fly.

Sights there were many –
Bubbles of fire, water, earth, wind and air
Balanced the green stout dwarf;
Pens, Pencils, Crayons and sketches
Can never forget,
How the twins were gliding and catching.

As I tried looking further,
The yellow glow grew.
Snapped out of the reverie
Eyes rubbing and blinking
Smiling in trance I sat still,
Realized even life I can juggle and balance at my will.

Am I A Dream?

11 Mar

Sitting on the grass – wet and lush green;

He tries to relax – unwind  his soul

Smothered by the daily war of existence, the fight of the mundane

Oblivious to the outside world – He probes inside

Ahhh!  The past, present and future – images rush past !

He delves further – as the sun hides

Heavy eyelids kiss each other – heartbeats relax ;

Slumber !!!

The mind relaxes – visions melt into oblivion

As he further descends into a siesta

A sense of calm sinks in …

He dreams till eternity –

A world of Happiness : Utopia !

Still unscathed remains the ultimate reverie

As  beyond the horizon awaits tranquility!!!!

P. S – This piece is my version of a theme initially thought of by a very dear friend. Thanks Manish 🙂

Do send in your comments on your interpretation of the poem !

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