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Simply Stupid

20 Jan

Dance in the park,
Hop with the unknown kids,
A simple game of ring-around-a-rosy;
Or build your own land of fantasy.
Try being simply stupid.

Put on the yellow hat
with the pajamas and purple tee;
Who said you have to match it?
Ripples in the placidā€¦
How fun it is- just try being simply stupid.

Amidst the wooden panels and sophistication
Spread your hands,
Glide across the bay to the board room;
Oh, for once shun the overt elegance, the formal cocoon;
Try being simply stupid.

Stop the car-give him a lift
An interesting chat on the way;
You may become friends forever..
I know, full of caution you used to be,
Listen to your heart and try being simply stupid.

Dark today could mean light tomorrow,
Question what is;
Armed with belief, stretch your faith
Who cares what would they say
Plate full of delicious opportunities and different tastes,
If you just try being simply stupid.



Impeccably imperfect !!!

11 Dec

Today seems more like a day when I am reposting my old posts ! Here comes another – written way back in 2007 …


Time:Ā Morning 2.11 a.m
Ailment: Sleeplessness
Reason: may be slept in excess the past two days , or just that I consider it challenging to fight my sleep[:p] or maybe my attempts to stay awake and study have gone futile yet again! So am awake ruminating over my weaknesses (Yup ! damn nice time to do so :D)

Come to think of it, am one individual who does not merely suffer from minute possession of dumb foibles, but colossal deficiencies in terms of personality traits, memory, behaviour, et al.!
I can write several manuscripts on my shortcomings [:D], and that too in any damn arena!!

IMPECCABLY IMPERFECT [:P]… I would say .. (pun intended)

[Finally I slept last night:hence am resuming today …see again can’t even write an entry in one go :P]

I am a lethargic, indolent ( my friends would love to vouch for that …), dull, boring, slothful, uncreative, idealistic amalgamation of flesh and blood with few bones thrown in to hold me upright…lol

Coming to the memory part, i am an absolutely hopeless case at remembering roads, people, phone numbers, the last dinner I had, which day of the week it is, where i kept my notes, passwords,time for taking medicine and what not !!! (Yeah, I belong to the “Uncle Podger clan!) … hehehe!

Then there are times when unfortunate individuals urge me to utter a word and I don’t . Again, at moments people insult me to the core so that i shut up but my mind, mouth and throat work in perfect synchronization and refuse to cease the blabber!
I don’t know what to say at what time, what place and to whom;I can’t drive in a straight lane;I don’t know how to console aggrieved souls;I have the worst possible sense of humour;I can’t even make the perfect coffee!!

So many flaws …. indefinite errors to rectify …. a multitude of measures left unexplored to foster myself …. Yet I love myself [:P] and force others to do so [:D]

Yeah from the core of my heart, I love beingĀ “Impeccably imperfect”!!!!!

And what has changed since the last 4 and half years??

Sleep: Ā This red-eyed monster still keeps me awake till wee hours of morning while I lie staring at the wall and floats just like an angel into my soul during the day when everything around me is screaming for some attention!

Memory: I would have been dead a thousand times by now if my boss would remember the number of times I meekly said: “Um… I’ll just check and let you know.”, ” Ummm.. I am not very sure, but it should be around “hickety-pickety” (the oddest two digit number I can think of..”, and (bhaiyon aur behnoo : note the ummm growing longer …) “Ummmmmmmmmmm .. Yes, I remember the client saying so.” ! Need I say anything more ?

And in the small ( is it small :O ?)break I have taken, most of my neighbours/ relatives are as unenthusiastic about meeting me and others (I so love them!) can’t stop scolding me : “You are on a medical rest, Stop chattering!”

And yes, the car suffered from some pretty deep wounds last week ;-(

Hmm.. Did anything change?

And I ruminate : Do I really want to change ? Ā *Wink wink !

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