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For more Ticks than Crosses

11 Aug

“Night falls fast. Today is in the past.”

– Edna St. Vincent Millay

[From her poem – Not so Far as the Forest]


The throbbing beats of rain in the backdrop, coffee and solitude accompanied by the enormity of these words took me to another level of ponderance and realization.

The stark brevity of time struck me like never before.

A few years back, as I entered B-school, I could not help thinking about the long path ahead and yearning – the dreams and goals seemed miles and years away. And now, after more than six years-it seems like yesterday-as if the days have passed at the snap of fingers.

This is just one example.

Really, each and everyday-how the sun rises and sets in seemingly, the blink of an eye and before we know – as we close our eyes, today has already transformed into yesterday.

Embracing the reality of such a short life, brings with it so many life-transforming insights: Living by the Day, Grabbing as many Experiences as possible, the Power of being Happy and Positive,  Loving as much and as many as one can, etc. but at the top of it all lies Discipline!

No, not the ‘Always-be-prim-and-proper-and-I-hate-fun” sort of Discipline, but the Discipline of Time: Staying up and about as much as one can-Valuing and utilizing each moment!
Because with procrastination and wasting time-one just kills their dreams and passions one by one.

Dreams are always a perhaps-and its ironical how without giving time to them, we ourselves strangle them to death and then lament the lack of time and luck and support 🙂

And with being disciplined, we end up making way for satisfaction (personally and professionally) and consequently, the other stuff – Love, Goodness, Happiness …

Rarity always precedes Preciousness. How can we be foolish enough to waste something as valuable as time, when it is so absolutely obvious?

Think and Feel.


P.S: I believe I realized the value of time subconsciously some months back; and made major lifestyle changes – And yes, it works: the To-Do list is endless, but there are certainly more Ticks than Crosses now 🙂



Accidentally, in love forever

3 May

Well, a liaison of merely two to three hours daily for the last five days – and I am in love; Deep and Profound – doing activities I never imagined, feeling an unprecedented peace of mind every afternoon – hot and sultry weather dutifully ignored.

A love, that is forever!

It is Yoga this time – circumstantially thrown into the web, I started off on a neutral note and it is not even a week, I revel in the joy of having found something I know I would love and hold on to for lifetime.

(Okay, I am all prepared for the truck load of messages saying: “I asked you to start it earlier”, “I had said so, na..”, etc. )

Holding on to a sling with the leg , head upside down – hold for ten minutes! One leg over the other at 120 degrees – come on, it is only 5 counts, supporting the kilos of weight on one leg and an elbow – oh! just a minute.
All of it is a  feat for me – Dear Yoga practitioners, please pardon my pride – but people who share my plight of unspeakable extra fat and flab with laziness thrown in, will understand.

So why all this blabber?
This sudden love story has enlightened me in the ways of the world in many more ways
(Apart from “Bas, ab main bhi patli hoke dikhaunngi…  “ Shhhhh.. that’s a secret!)

1) Lesson No. 1 – We need to have a passion in life (which does not depend on another living soul) that takes us away from the loose ends of daily living and invites us for a dive into an inner peace.
Of course, not to mention – it helps in hanging on to the last string of sanity when nothing else in life is working out.

Well, not for long but the couple of hours take me away from all worries and I would love to discover more such activities. It also feeds the need to find my personal space amidst the societal demands.

It can be Painting or TRX or Cooking or Recycling for you!

2) The cause and cure behind the worst weakness of all – Procrastination

This entire feeling of liking an activity as much to commit to it for life has given me an insight into procrastination – I have started to believe we dither tasks when we do not really enjoy an activity to the core. If we really love something, we will feel motivated and find time for it.

Hence, if you are sick of lying around with the list of to-dos – please keep trying something or other, till you discover what you love enough to stop lazing around.

3) Bottom Line – Human Beings are meant to move around and toil hard. Sitting away to glory, thanks to all the technological progress, is just going to make the after-years difficult
(This one is especially for the professionals)

We really do not know what we can do, till we try. It is important to keep believing, looking ahead and trying new things (well, this holds true for people too) because you never know what (or, who) is waiting around the corner to fill your life with some passion and become a confidante forever.

After all, life is meant to be full of passionate experiences: well lived and not merely existed!


P.S: Do post in your comments, if there is anything you have discovered to be as fulfilling or if you have gone through the same emotions on finding a new love.


28 Feb

Hopping on to the scooty –
for a ride in the moonlit sky;
Hair unkempt,  dressed in pajamas –
Hogging to heart’s content in that upscale hotel

Listening to those songs just to cry
Dancing in the rain, no care for those party clothes
Feeling glory in being a one-man fan club
Hugging in a crowd without any hiccup

Meaning praises even for the egotist blokes
Embracing feelings as they unfold
Expressing love without remorse
Confessing weaknesses – no fear of loss

Charades of abuses – no regret, no fear
Crying to your heart’s content –
Accepting mistakes of the past
Then moving on in full gear

Being what you please,
Only yourself to appease
Following your soul, discovering our skills
Living to experiment all you will

Looking straight into eyes’ that pry –
Not having to live in the sly
Voice mirroring what lies inside
All of it is freedom sans any guise.

Life without sight?

2 Sep

Finally – a long pending post! This time, I decided to put up a post by a fellow blogger and friend Pranav, who blogs about his passions (reading, charity, travel and fitness) at Peaceful Restlessness
This post talks about a really heart touching organization – Dialogue in the dark

Here you go:

How does it feel to be blind? What is life for a blind person? Dialogue in the Dark, an organization makes us experience this. And it does open eyes.

When some of my friends came to Hyderabad, we decided to visit its centre, housed at the top floor of Inorbit Mall. The lady at the counter gave us a background of this organization and told us about the packages offered – a 1 hour exhibition tour or a tour with complete lunch/dinner. We opted for the 1 hour tour not knowing what to expect.

We were given walking sticks and asked to enter a pitch dark room. A young man introduced himself as our guide (we later found out that he was blind). And then the tour began. We passed through, or rather, felt through rooms in a house – a kitchen, a library, a storeroom. We encountered a park with trees, grass and a bench, then took a boat ride in actual water. Later we were led to a restaurant where we had tea. All this happened in a completely dark environment.

One obvious realization out of this experience is the importance of eyes in our lives. We grossly underestimate our blessings. But another lesson is how much of a visual life we lead – most of our activities (work, hobbies, entertainment) happen using eyes and we use them as primary source of reference. This was proven – for everything we felt, our minds immediately created associated images.

We also found how much we had lost touch with the other senses. In the darkness, everything else acquired more clarity and sharpness – the touch of grass on fingertips, the sound of waves lapping on the boat, even the taste of tea. Oh, and I experienced fear in all its sharpness too, when I tripped once and didn’t know what to expect ahead. 🙂

The Happiness Anchor.

8 May

Every once in a while,
Alone or in a crowd:
I pause and question
Both my being and doing;
For deep in my heart I know
Simple happiness is all I seek.

Once in a while, all of us question “Happiness” in our lives – especially the times when we successfully achieve what we have longed and toiled for, but we still do not feel what we had hoped to feel.

I certainly believe happiness lies in what state we put our minds in – it is our choice to be happy or not to be. Happiness is the love that surrounds us and lies within us – the love that we are capable of giving to everyone and accepting. At this thought, I am always reminded of the movie – “Message in a bottle”. Among all the heart-touching letters, this one has always captured my heart: Catherine’s last words resonate beautifully with my belief of love and people being the essence of happiness and that most of us fail to see:

“To all the ships at sea, and all the ports of call. To my family, and to all friends and strangers. This is a message and a prayer. The message is that my travels taught me a great truth. I already had what everyone is searching for and few ever find: The one person in the world Who I was born to love forever. A person like me, of the Outer Banks and blue Atlantic mystery. A person rich in simple treasures, self-made, self-taught. A harbor where I am forever home. And no wind or trouble Or even a little death can knock down this house.

The prayer is that everyone in the world can know this kind of love, and be healed by it.

If my prayer is heard, then there will be an erasing of all guilt, and all regret, and an end to all anger.

Please God.


The other side of “Googling”

11 Jan

Before I start ranting:

1. This piece has been further developed based on musings of a very dear friend.

2. I am myself an ardent googler and an avid fan of everything “Google” :P, but yes his comment did make me think and further build upon it, so here I am …

Be it the daily college assignments, a consultancy firm’s associate given an extremely tight deadline for some background research work, a start-up export agency looking for legal help, a mother wanting recipes for healthy yummy bites that will receive twinkling eyes when the tiffin box is opened at school, the frustrated tourist who has lost way, or the fukkad college student looking for a good deal to gift his girlfriend,  the immediate reflex is “Bolo Google mata ki jai” . 

Google is no longer “Search engines ka baap” – it has become the synonym for search engine – we “google it”; the world is at our footsteps: we can see places sitting in our drawing rooms, reach masses with a click, et. al – No wonder, Google Search has become an essential part of daily existence.

Let us look at the other side of it:

There is an omnipresent acceptance in majority of internet-accessing population that sitting on the internet is all it takes. As everything else, the side effect of easy availability of information has been “overdependence”.

While studying management, both as a graduate and post-graduate student, some cool (read: not-to-be-fooled) professors always pointed out “Anything copied/ reproduced from the web, even if slightly modified, will attract negative marks” or something to that effect. Some students hardly bothered and snickered their way out as the class ended, some saw it as another droplet in the holy grail of management – “Be Original”.

I was hardly exposed to the internet in school, but reality pokes me in my face time and again when I need to assist my neighbour’s children in their assignments or see my aunt’s six-year-old son creating a ruckus for a project he has to submit the next day but forgot about. Immediate plea by their parents – “Please google it and finish their homework”.

I accept. On weighing the circumstances, the failed previous arguments with their parents  and the threat of being re-tagged as an idealist and accused of not willing to help, I meekly google and finish the assignments.

And hence, we end up teaching  that there is no need for going to the park, finding a butterfly in the midst of nature and studying it, clicking its pictures.
Instead of inculcating the habit of writing about their experience in their own words, we encourage the child to read others’ experiences and put them down.
Instead of making the child think how to use tidbits of crap to make innovative models/games –  it is okay to just search an idea,implement it  and claim it to be their “own” – and savour in the pride when s/he gets a star!

We, so often do not pause and teach –

The one who clicked the beautiful picture played around with his camera, absorbed nature and practised so hard to master the art before uploading the picture.
The one who wrote beautifully about the family picnic  read and experienced a lot, knew the use of dictionary, wrote and re-wrote till he could express himself perfectly.
The one who invented the game was creative and experimented with multiple ideas before creating the best one.

We do not encourage them to struggle to get that “star”, to feel the sense of ownership of that little poem on their pet.
We so utterly fail to teach them “creativity”, “hard work” and sometimes, “integrity”.

This was about children and parents, then there is another class of people who my friend cited – those who use calculator for simple calculations, or search for trivial information or stuff that require common sense just because they are not able to retrieve facts/ incidents from their memory?
Exercise your brain and answer 56+45, my dear friend! Internet and applications are for ease and not dependency. you would calculate it by the time you open a search engine and input numbers

Little do we realise that to contribute to the society or to excel in work, we need to learn from what is present but at the same time think, question, interact with people and find solutions. We need to sharpen our memory and polish our common sense to be street smart, think on our toes, work quickly using tools at our behest, get out of complex situations and ultimately, contribute to what others can “google”.
Aren’t best journalists those who run after and find out a story and not those who reproduce?

P.S: He terms it as “Gependent” – a dependency by which process of thinking is gradually decreasing. Well, I do not agree fully but yes, I agree to what my boss told me during my internship: “Bhawana, the computer (internet) is not a substitute for human brain” and I will always thank him for that.
Well, “Gependants” do require common sense for effective search results :P.

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