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For more Ticks than Crosses

11 Aug

“Night falls fast. Today is in the past.”

– Edna St. Vincent Millay

[From her poem – Not so Far as the Forest]


The throbbing beats of rain in the backdrop, coffee and solitude accompanied by the enormity of these words took me to another level of ponderance and realization.

The stark brevity of time struck me like never before.

A few years back, as I entered B-school, I could not help thinking about the long path ahead and yearning – the dreams and goals seemed miles and years away. And now, after more than six years-it seems like yesterday-as if the days have passed at the snap of fingers.

This is just one example.

Really, each and everyday-how the sun rises and sets in seemingly, the blink of an eye and before we know – as we close our eyes, today has already transformed into yesterday.

Embracing the reality of such a short life, brings with it so many life-transforming insights: Living by the Day, Grabbing as many Experiences as possible, the Power of being Happy and Positive,  Loving as much and as many as one can, etc. but at the top of it all lies Discipline!

No, not the ‘Always-be-prim-and-proper-and-I-hate-fun” sort of Discipline, but the Discipline of Time: Staying up and about as much as one can-Valuing and utilizing each moment!
Because with procrastination and wasting time-one just kills their dreams and passions one by one.

Dreams are always a perhaps-and its ironical how without giving time to them, we ourselves strangle them to death and then lament the lack of time and luck and support 🙂

And with being disciplined, we end up making way for satisfaction (personally and professionally) and consequently, the other stuff – Love, Goodness, Happiness …

Rarity always precedes Preciousness. How can we be foolish enough to waste something as valuable as time, when it is so absolutely obvious?

Think and Feel.


P.S: I believe I realized the value of time subconsciously some months back; and made major lifestyle changes – And yes, it works: the To-Do list is endless, but there are certainly more Ticks than Crosses now 🙂



Who knows?

8 Feb

The recreation room in hostel – A water filter/cooler at one end, attached right in the middle of the wall is a huge TV – a family drama playing in full volume.
Facing it are two sofas, arranged side by side in three rows each and a few chairs thrown in at the far back – thronged by girls, each unique and different in their own way – some are charged up with the ongoing gossip, curiosity in their eyes; one is busy cutting fruits and gives quick successive glances to the TV, careful not to cut her fingers; another one is playing with an empty mug of milk in her hand, her feet indicating that she is ready to get up but her face completely engrossed as the story unfolds.

I proceed towards the water filter. A scene in progress – the male lead in the story in front of the female lead, they make some small talk … their eyes meet … one can sense the feelings floating around.

I put the cap on my filled bottle, turn back and walk towards the door, when my eyes fall on a slender female sitting on the second row hugging her knees. A flick of hair falls in front of her left eyes as she leans on her friend’s shoulder – eyes on the screen but her mind clearly somewhere else – a shy smile covers her face.

Who knows what she thinks … ?


27 Jan

On a huge cloud, the colour of pink;
I heard it was the contest of juggling.
To make merry and show their skill
Stood a big funny gathering.

Amused, I gazed at one
wearing red boots and a head ring.
Weird cotton balls of all shapes
purple ovals, red circles, yellow squares
and green triangles – he juggled with ease

Soon the crowd turned towards her
One leg on the puff of cloud, one hand in the air
Round orange glasses and curly hair
Pinched myself to believe
As cans and bottles went from hand to foot
and foot to hand ceaselessly

Another wonder followed:
Young little angels in white
Danced around with rainbow hoopla
Eyes full of glee – Oh so bright.
They showed no signs of their burnt wings
and inability to fly.

Sights there were many –
Bubbles of fire, water, earth, wind and air
Balanced the green stout dwarf;
Pens, Pencils, Crayons and sketches
Can never forget,
How the twins were gliding and catching.

As I tried looking further,
The yellow glow grew.
Snapped out of the reverie
Eyes rubbing and blinking
Smiling in trance I sat still,
Realized even life I can juggle and balance at my will.

Believing that extra mile …

3 Jan

Ignore the appearances, genes and personalities: all humans are same in a way – basic matter, feelings, emotions and reactions.

All of us dream; all of us love the lazy holidays; all of us enjoy that caring look – those penetrating eyes that have the uncanny ability to look within us; all of us yearn for precious love; all of us have that one hidden wish; all of us are fueled with some passion; all of us visit those distant memories once in a while; and all of us want to do “something” in our personal/ professional life 🙂

Then what makes the difference between all of us who want and all of us who have?

That extra mile.

Put in a little more effort in your work, try to know a little more about your love, care a little more for family, trust and share a little more in your relationships, fathom those small phases of failure and keep hoping, believe endlessly in yourself and your dreams: Strengthen yourself: Jog, trudge, fall and get up, skip, plod, walk or run but go that extra mile  and then we all will certainly HAVE !

On this happy note, cheers to the year ahead.

Am I A Dream?

11 Mar

Sitting on the grass – wet and lush green;

He tries to relax – unwind  his soul

Smothered by the daily war of existence, the fight of the mundane

Oblivious to the outside world – He probes inside

Ahhh!  The past, present and future – images rush past !

He delves further – as the sun hides

Heavy eyelids kiss each other – heartbeats relax ;

Slumber !!!

The mind relaxes – visions melt into oblivion

As he further descends into a siesta

A sense of calm sinks in …

He dreams till eternity –

A world of Happiness : Utopia !

Still unscathed remains the ultimate reverie

As  beyond the horizon awaits tranquility!!!!

P. S – This piece is my version of a theme initially thought of by a very dear friend. Thanks Manish 🙂

Do send in your comments on your interpretation of the poem !

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