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Imprints in Time

5 Jun

We have come a long way …
from those foolhardy days,
When naive and eloquent:
every thought we would question;
And oh! so bold –
every next chance our heart would leap to take;

Sure, we have come a long way
Yet, my heart visits those imprints in time
Just to feel alive,
Reminiscing the paths where real glory lay.

P.S: The categorization in both “Poems” and “Short Stories” is intentional. I believe the romantics at heart would know why!


Silence …

15 May

He was constantly fighting not to think about it through the day. He drowned himself in more work; he seeked new friends and engaged in conversations with them. Her laugh and silly memories kept reappearing in front of him. But why should he bother? Wasn’t it apparent that she did not really care for him any more – where had the calls and conversations gone? Why didn’t she make attempts to meet him anymore?

She had a knot in her throat all her waking moments these days. She could sense his change in attitude, but felt this was just a passing phase – maybe work woes. He would confide in her one of these days. After all, she trusted, there was no space for assumptions in their relationship. He would certainly speak his mind and share – weren’t they best friends first? She missed him.

The previous day had marked the fourth anniversary of their relationship and so it continued in silence for the next six months till they drifted apart without uttering a single word.

Life moved on. Somewhere deep down, they continued loving each other.

If only they would have confided in each other…

They met again …

17 Apr

They would keep in touch – they had promised.  He had failed to keep the promise.

It was seven years now.
He recognized her immediately: That twinkle in the eyes, The way she tilted her head when she spoke. The incessant smile. The tapping of fingers. Those eyes lingering over the kids.
Seemed nothing had changed. 

Time froze. The three hours passed in a jiffy.
She never mentioned the un-reverted attempts to get in touch. There was so much to catch up with.

They parted. Goodbyes – promises made again.
He smiled faintly.
He recognized her. But he had stopped knowing her.

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