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The Runway to Best Friends’ Wedding

6 May

No, the title (the apostrophe in the title) is not a grammatical mistake. Like any other female, I have few best friends and anyone would be an idiot to argue with me that “best” implies only “one”. Sorry dear, you are just going to waste your time.

Now that I have satiated the grammar Nazi in me by excusing myself for the “logical mistake”, back to the point.

Weddings are always a happy affair – okay, pardon the bride and groom who are being buried. So, by and large – Weddings are always a happy affair. But a best friend’s wedding is another thing.

I happen to know very few events that can arouse a tornado of emotions like your best friend getting hitched.

Yes, yes … you always encouraged him/ her to extend bachelorhood till his/ her last breath, but the instant you get the “good news”, a feeling of relief engulfs the entire being – you were shit worried that he/ she settles down. Relief-Happiness to the extent of being Aggressive-Umpteen phone calls to other friends-Excitement-Jumping with Joy-Worrying about all the sweets and junk reflecting on the weighing scale-Discussions-Screening the lucky girl/ guy for the millionth time-More calls-wondering about what to wear at the wedding-okay, some more calls. And finally, when you know there is not a single soul left who wants to talk on this topic, you find yourself smiling and beaming for no reason.

Few days pass and nostalgia strikes: From strangers to friends to best friends: Hours spent in knowing one another, sailing together through ups and downs of life, Fighting like cats and dogs and then forgetting all about it over an ice-cream, discovering and sharing emotions that you never know existed, bike rides and bus rides and auto rides – well, just being together wherever, umpteen trips, talking till the wee hours of morning, blackmailing with all the secrets, being the one-man army when everyone goes against, discussing crushes/ boyfriends/ girlfriends, talking shit because you know the other person would never say -“You told so…”, the hugs and smiles and stolen glances, the care and pure love … the list is endless.

And then calamity strikes – envy that you cannot talk and meet as you wish and of course, keep calling till the phone is picked at 2.39 am in the morning because you had to share some bullshit.

It doesn’t last long when you suddenly start worrying and hoping that his/ her fiance is the right one ….

And so it continues … till the day you see them getting tied together for life. And warmth, bliss and euphoria sweeps over.

Amen – For the past, present and future of our lives and friendship…


Badtameez Dil !

14 Feb

A short auto ride from home to office … less than 2 km … You pay the auto driver – rush into the office building – screaming high-spirited Good Mornings and Hellos across the room, all buckled up to take the day by storm and woo the toughest of the clients with your skills  …

Switch on the computer – type in the password – reach out for your bag –  “Damn! Shit! How can it be?” – you squeal.

You cannot locate your mobile phone – An instant – and each of those positive emotions change into PANIC! … You frantically search your bag, pockets, dial the number again and again – switched off – mentally rehearse your journey from leaving home to reaching office the millionth time to ensure that you were carrying the phone in the auto. You gather a crowd of people with your drama – 

And by now panic compounds into DISTRESS !!

I am sure you can relate to that feeling – as if the clock has stopped ticking, you feel handicapped and lost and think how are you ever going to make it through the next few days and more !!

To my utter dismay, I am great at losing things and have gone through the above scene quite a few times!!

And the most humorous episode (in hindsight, of course) was when I actually could not hold back my tears while in office – that was the sort of attachment I held to the little gizmo! 

My ‘oh! so emotional’ excuse was : “It held my memories – precious photographs, messages from loved ones, blah, bah, blah.”
And I am sure, this is the case with a lot of people today.

And still more humorous part is that ironically, I do not even remember those photographs or messages today 🙂

On the other hand, I have vivid memories of the best moments of my life – to the extent that as and when I want, I can relive them as if they are happening right in front of me, with me – I can sometimes, in my fantasies, travel back in time even to when I was five or six !! 

Rolling in the rain, Papa patting away to sleep, the crazy photo-shoot with friends, the compliments, that special message, the romance with nature (with the chirping birds intact), seeing your sister as a bride, mummy’s special smile reserved for you, look and feel of love in those eyes, the first book, the best jalebis .. well, the list has no end.

Ah! And how I felt I lost a chunk of my heart when I lost that phone

This tiny realization reaffirms my belief that it is not in the overt where life and love lies – Real people, Real experiences,Real stories, Real talks and Real emotions – those make home in our hearts forever – doors of memories ready to be knocked, whether we are with others or when solitary so that we can relive the times and those words again in our minds, through our imagination – our inner lenses! The moments that take us into haven of day-dreams!

And those are real memories that transcend time – captured forever in our sub-conscious, not the ones captured in a gadget.

Jee, Dil toh badtameez hai – Bina samjhe boojhe – kaheen bhi kuchh pal ke liye cheezon se dil laga leta hai !


So, at the end of the each day, go pull yourself away from the demons of daily ordeal you may have faced and make sure you gather moments to be treasured your whole life. Of course, do not forget to gift others some memories too … !


P.S: It is just a co-incidence that it’s the day for celebrating love (pun absolutely intended)

Innocence, revisited.

30 May

Who stopped you?
Go, dance in the rain;
Play in the mud;
Give that innocent smile-
the naughty spark in the eyes,
Giggling through the daily tremors,
Pouncing for handful of toffees,
Feel the joy of belonging –
Everything in the world is yours!
Let out your hand
for that yet unknown friend,
Open your heart,
Bother about none,
Come, join me-
Be a child again.

P.S: Largely inspired by a blog I read (cannot find that link!)

The joy in the package!

15 May

The smile on the face giving way to anticipation on seeing the neatly packed package – the eagerness to open it: a second later and the anxiety in the giver’s mind through the entire scene and later – GIFTS! – one sails through waves of emotions on the mention of the word.
When I talk about gifts, I mean those which are bought from heart and not for the sake of “need to”.

For old or young, a big one or small, neatly done up in a fancy wrapper or just hidden in a plastic bag – does not matter; Gifts are always a special way to say you care, you love or you are simple there.

Gifts are a journey, specially for the one giving it – the hours of seeking suggestions on what, excitedly looking around for something that just clicks, the multiple trips to the market for finding that perfect colour you have in mind, the butterflies in stomach before finally purchasing it – will they like it? – and nothing can match the absolute feeling of joy when one is aimlessly roaming around, spots something and knows it is meant for their loved one.

I share my wishes,
sprinkled with hope;
Small it might be,
Bundled with joy and love
I always smile and hand over my package to you.

P.S : Do share your experiences, if you have any, related to giving or receiving gifts!


4 May


The times when we achieve those things that the world looks at and says Wow!
And deep inside, our heart still desires and craves for the little things to come our way.

Impeccably imperfect !!!

11 Dec

Today seems more like a day when I am reposting my old posts ! Here comes another – written way back in 2007 …


Time: Morning 2.11 a.m
Ailment: Sleeplessness
Reason: may be slept in excess the past two days , or just that I consider it challenging to fight my sleep[:p] or maybe my attempts to stay awake and study have gone futile yet again! So am awake ruminating over my weaknesses (Yup ! damn nice time to do so :D)

Come to think of it, am one individual who does not merely suffer from minute possession of dumb foibles, but colossal deficiencies in terms of personality traits, memory, behaviour, et al.!
I can write several manuscripts on my shortcomings [:D], and that too in any damn arena!!

IMPECCABLY IMPERFECT [:P]… I would say .. (pun intended)

[Finally I slept last night:hence am resuming today …see again can’t even write an entry in one go :P]

I am a lethargic, indolent ( my friends would love to vouch for that …), dull, boring, slothful, uncreative, idealistic amalgamation of flesh and blood with few bones thrown in to hold me upright…lol

Coming to the memory part, i am an absolutely hopeless case at remembering roads, people, phone numbers, the last dinner I had, which day of the week it is, where i kept my notes, passwords,time for taking medicine and what not !!! (Yeah, I belong to the “Uncle Podger clan!) … hehehe!

Then there are times when unfortunate individuals urge me to utter a word and I don’t . Again, at moments people insult me to the core so that i shut up but my mind, mouth and throat work in perfect synchronization and refuse to cease the blabber!
I don’t know what to say at what time, what place and to whom;I can’t drive in a straight lane;I don’t know how to console aggrieved souls;I have the worst possible sense of humour;I can’t even make the perfect coffee!!

So many flaws …. indefinite errors to rectify …. a multitude of measures left unexplored to foster myself …. Yet I love myself [:P] and force others to do so [:D]

Yeah from the core of my heart, I love being “Impeccably imperfect”!!!!!

And what has changed since the last 4 and half years??

Sleep:  This red-eyed monster still keeps me awake till wee hours of morning while I lie staring at the wall and floats just like an angel into my soul during the day when everything around me is screaming for some attention!

Memory: I would have been dead a thousand times by now if my boss would remember the number of times I meekly said: “Um… I’ll just check and let you know.”, ” Ummm.. I am not very sure, but it should be around “hickety-pickety” (the oddest two digit number I can think of..”, and (bhaiyon aur behnoo : note the ummm growing longer …) “Ummmmmmmmmmm .. Yes, I remember the client saying so.” ! Need I say anything more ?

And in the small ( is it small :O ?)break I have taken, most of my neighbours/ relatives are as unenthusiastic about meeting me and others (I so love them!) can’t stop scolding me : “You are on a medical rest, Stop chattering!”

And yes, the car suffered from some pretty deep wounds last week ;-(

Hmm.. Did anything change?

And I ruminate : Do I really want to change ?  *Wink wink !

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