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Imprints in Time

5 Jun

We have comeĀ a long way …
from those foolhardy days,
When naive and eloquent:
every thought we would question;
And oh! so bold –
every next chanceĀ our heart would leap to take;

Sure, we have come a long way
Yet, my heart visits those imprints in time
Just to feel alive,
Reminiscing the paths where real glory lay.

P.S: The categorization in both “Poems” and “Short Stories” is intentional. I believe the romantics at heart would know why!



11 Mar

Engulfed by nothing and everything,
Just sitting upright –
staring into the nothingness of the cloudy, starry night
From within the walls of the room:
invisible fetters gnawing deep into the soul
Choking – Strangling – helplessly Hoping
to bask in the moonlight
to soar through the dreamy sky

Minutes, Hours – time just passed by
no movement – not even a flinch.
What do they think?
What do they seek?
What remains, what has faded –
Under that starry night – sitting still:
It is all still just clouded.


17 Jul

You look and all you can feel is love,
No space for jealousy, ego and some stupid tussle –
That is when you know
Calm has set in.

No need to speak,
From a distance you see and the heart is content;
That is when you know
Calm has set in.

Memories and moments
bring only smiles and laughter;
Wait without fear – that is when you know
Calm has set in

Happiness is all you feel:
Belief fluttering deep within;
All is well – and you know
Calm has set in.


I Paint a Landscape

13 Jun

I paint a landscape,
Where it rains:
Drips and drops…
It turns bright and gay,
Lush green grass,
all dust washed away!

I paint a landscape:
Gurgling waves try to touch my feet;
While the sand beneath moves away;
Hands embrace, as we walk ahead,
Washed by the colours of dusk –
The sun bows down its head.

I paint a landscape –
Where no walls stand.
Dreams foster every day;
Love and togetherness is all I see;
and music to eyes
is the joy all around.

I paint a landscape with hope and smiles abound.

Innocence, revisited.

30 May

Who stopped you?
Go, dance in the rain;
Play in the mud;
Give that innocent smile-
the naughty spark in the eyes,
Giggling through the daily tremors,
Pouncing for handful of toffees,
Feel the joy of belonging –
Everything in the world is yours!
Let out your hand
for that yet unknown friend,
Open your heart,
Bother about none,
Come, join me-
Be a child again.

P.S: Largely inspired by a blog I read (cannot find that link!)

Only love remains

29 May

For a change,
I ask to look at the past-
Some incident you would rather forget:
Moments spent in resentment,
frustration and confusion;
Lapping smiles and time away.

How meek the moments look
when seen today!
So with all my heart I smile;
Learnt over years, now I know
In the end only
Love remains.


Visions, I believe

28 May

My head held high,
With bright eyes I gaze
at the full moon,
as the star shoots by.

As amazed eyes close,
Visions in the heart I see
Then I know,
that the future is as perfect as can be.

The picture is perfect,
Love and happiness all around
All dreams coming true
Sighs of joy abound.

I see the moon again.
Belief is all I need;
It will come true,
deep in my heart I know without any doubt.

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