Hello Everyone,

This blog has no specific agenda, no theme. It is just a pot-pourri of the happenings in and around us and the dynamics of the human mind/heart –  a camaraderie of incidents, observations, dreams and theories about anything and everything that exists. At the same time, it is not a medium to vent out my feelings but to build a platform for subjects/ issues that blend with my interests.

Cheers to a long onward journey and the hope of delighting and engaging fellow readers !

Bhawana !

P.S -The title Reveries of Flight is inspired by the song Reveries of Flight, Oh ! Sleeper


My writings are influenced by different people and their lives/ incidents but are not directly related to myself or anyone, unless specified.
In many posts, the use of “I” is just for giving a first-person touch but does not relate to my personal life.
They are also not meant to be reproduced without permission 🙂


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