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Innocence, revisited.

30 May

Who stopped you?
Go, dance in the rain;
Play in the mud;
Give that innocent smile-
the naughty spark in the eyes,
Giggling through the daily tremors,
Pouncing for handful of toffees,
Feel the joy of belonging –
Everything in the world is yours!
Let out your hand
for that yet unknown friend,
Open your heart,
Bother about none,
Come, join me-
Be a child again.

P.S: Largely inspired by a blog I read (cannot find that link!)


Only love remains

29 May

For a change,
I ask to look at the past-
Some incident you would rather forget:
Moments spent in resentment,
frustration and confusion;
Lapping smiles and time away.

How meek the moments look
when seen today!
So with all my heart I smile;
Learnt over years, now I know
In the end only
Love remains.


Visions, I believe

28 May

My head held high,
With bright eyes I gaze
at the full moon,
as the star shoots by.

As amazed eyes close,
Visions in the heart I see
Then I know,
that the future is as perfect as can be.

The picture is perfect,
Love and happiness all around
All dreams coming true
Sighs of joy abound.

I see the moon again.
Belief is all I need;
It will come true,
deep in my heart I know without any doubt.

Right Choice – aha!

24 May

The thought I am penning down is not as peppy as the title suggests, but fills me with excitement and amazement every time I consciously encounter it.
I love my life and one of the biggest reasons I love it is because I have the power to make a choice.

The choice of feeling joyful, remembering good moments irrespective of all odds.
The choice of doing good and sticking to my principles and hence bringing content to myself and brightness all around.
The choice of being patient and nice even when others are being nasty.
The choice of differentiating between what is right and what is wrong.
The choice of being positive.
The choice of trusting and hoping every single second.
The choice of sticking to who and what I believe in.
Above all, the choice of being happy from within, come what may.

Every moment is all about the choice we make – to be happy and spread love and smiles or to complain and fight.
Make the right choice, baby – it is always your time!

The joy in the package!

15 May

The smile on the face giving way to anticipation on seeing the neatly packed package – the eagerness to open it: a second later and the anxiety in the giver’s mind through the entire scene and later – GIFTS! – one sails through waves of emotions on the mention of the word.
When I talk about gifts, I mean those which are bought from heart and not for the sake of “need to”.

For old or young, a big one or small, neatly done up in a fancy wrapper or just hidden in a plastic bag – does not matter; Gifts are always a special way to say you care, you love or you are simple there.

Gifts are a journey, specially for the one giving it – the hours of seeking suggestions on what, excitedly looking around for something that just clicks, the multiple trips to the market for finding that perfect colour you have in mind, the butterflies in stomach before finally purchasing it – will they like it? – and nothing can match the absolute feeling of joy when one is aimlessly roaming around, spots something and knows it is meant for their loved one.

I share my wishes,
sprinkled with hope;
Small it might be,
Bundled with joy and love
I always smile and hand over my package to you.

P.S : Do share your experiences, if you have any, related to giving or receiving gifts!

The Happiness Anchor.

8 May

Every once in a while,
Alone or in a crowd:
I pause and question
Both my being and doing;
For deep in my heart I know
Simple happiness is all I seek.

Once in a while, all of us question “Happiness” in our lives – especially the times when we successfully achieve what we have longed and toiled for, but we still do not feel what we had hoped to feel.

I certainly believe happiness lies in what state we put our minds in – it is our choice to be happy or not to be. Happiness is the love that surrounds us and lies within us – the love that we are capable of giving to everyone and accepting. At this thought, I am always reminded of the movie – “Message in a bottle”. Among all the heart-touching letters, this one has always captured my heart: Catherine’s last words resonate beautifully with my belief of love and people being the essence of happiness and that most of us fail to see:

“To all the ships at sea, and all the ports of call. To my family, and to all friends and strangers. This is a message and a prayer. The message is that my travels taught me a great truth. I already had what everyone is searching for and few ever find: The one person in the world Who I was born to love forever. A person like me, of the Outer Banks and blue Atlantic mystery. A person rich in simple treasures, self-made, self-taught. A harbor where I am forever home. And no wind or trouble Or even a little death can knock down this house.

The prayer is that everyone in the world can know this kind of love, and be healed by it.

If my prayer is heard, then there will be an erasing of all guilt, and all regret, and an end to all anger.

Please God.



4 May


The times when we achieve those things that the world looks at and says Wow!
And deep inside, our heart still desires and craves for the little things to come our way.

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