Flashes in the mob!

1 Mar

I am scared and wary when in a crowd – and that is an understatement. Yet, wherever I go, I find myself surrounded by people jostling each other to get ahead, literally and sometimes, not-so-literally. I manage to pass by – sometimes making way for myself, sometimes by just being pushed ahead and at other times, standing still while others get ahead.

And then, there are moments when everything around me just seem to freeze and I capture a scene that I know, won’t ever leave me.

– A young girl helping her aged grandma climb up the stairs in the market – how her quick pace smoothly transcends into small steps to match the old lady .. their eyes gleaming as they look at each other.

– Tired people from office hurrying to return home; and his hand grabs her hand: two intertwined hands moving through the crowd, happiness unfolding around, as they walk slowly but steadily till eternity.

– An old couple, walking sticks by their side, sitting on a desk at the roadside corner – both of them staring at the moon as the world passes by.

– A busy market – a young carefree lady quickly steps back, her gleaming face turns into a frown, as she wraps her hands around her belly to protect her kin and the car whooshes past.

– A dark night: a young boy sitting under the pole light on the station – engrossed in books, calculations being engraved on the floor with a pebble now and then.

– A lady, face covered in her duppatta, embracing her baby to her bosom, just looking at the passersby: no emotions in her eyes.

– A smile on the kid’s face as he finally manages to recite all the alphabets in order


Ah! The flashes in the mob


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